What Is A Backlink?

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What Is A Backlink?

What is a backlink and how does it apply to website traffic?  Simply put, a backlink is a link that points from one sit to another site. Thus, linking is the procedure that you use to increase the visibility of your website to the search engines (think Google).  This visibility increases your search engine ranking and makes it easier for people to find your website.  No visitors equals now website traffic.  Almost all marketers agree that backlinks are being used by Yahoo and Google to find out how important your site is to the niche that people are searching for. This means that when you're building your backlinks, you should utilize keywords that explain what your site is about.  For this task I can’t stress how important a keyword tool like Market Samuri is.

If You Build It They Will Come

However something you need to know is  that all backlinks aren't created equally. The various search engines will find one of the backlinks and provide your website a lot of ranking power for obtaining that link. On the other hand you can even develop some spammy one way links which the search engines like Google will still only ignore or, in a worse-case scenario, penalize you. Below you're going to discover ways to build good backlinks, approaches to avoid building one-way links that do not help.



Google loves posts of high quality, well written content that is posted on high PR sites.  Check out Hubpages, eHow, Article Base and Ezines.  They have thousands of articles on a huge variety of topics and they are quite strict about the quality of these articles.  You should sign up for all of these sites, submit your content and website address and use the power of these sites to create quality backlinks.  Then use a good link indexer (I really like LinkPipe) and have the backlink index.


If you build backlinks for your website by yourself you need to be prepared to devote a substantial amount of time to the process. It will require you finding blogs or websites built across the same topic or niche as your own and physically submitting comments on every one of them. This can be a time consuming but not difficult job, since you must first uncover the sites to comment on.  However, these links look natural to the search engines, will last much longer and with your article submissions will be tremendous organic links to your website.

You can find some automated tools to help you with your link building projects.  Market Samuri has a nice feature that helps you create content and then submit it.  Don’t rely entirely on automated programs.  You need to invest the time and energy to manually create and submit your content and make sure that the search engines find it.  A successful website needs lots of traffic and visitors.  Your backlink building efforts are critical to help those visitors find your site.