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Quality Backlinks

Usually, when website owners check backlinks, they usually do it as an afterthought. Usually, they do so when they are engaging in a new SEO campaign to boost search engine traffic. Alternatively, they check their links when they are trying to see if certain highly influential sites or important niche-specific sites link to them. Notice a pattern?

Check Those Backlinks!

For the most part, people don't check backlinks proactively. This can be a big mistake. In fact, it can be a fatal mistake if you truly want to make money online. Why? After Google Penguin rolled out, negative SEO is a reality. For many years, Google has insisted that the only links that can hurt you are links that come from your site to other sites. In other words, you can only be harmed by outbound links. Well, Penguin changed all that.

Starting with the Google Penguin roll out, links that go to your site-backlinks-can harm you. This opened the possibility that your competitors or malicious people would intentionally create junk links and point them to your site with the hope that your rankings will crash. Welcome to the world of Negative SEO. Here are the reasons why you should pay attention to this particularly nasty SEO practice.

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Negative SEO happens more frequently than you think

Since Google has been rolling out update after update that decimated whole niches' rankings, competitors have become more desperate. They simply can't bear seeing their rankings crash due to their own shady SEO practices or due to their attempts at using shortcuts. Not surprisingly, many of these desperate and bitter competitors are using negative SEO to drag their competitors down. Misery, after all, loves company. When you check backlinks, you can see if these clowns are at your heels. You can buy time before their nasty links drag your rankings down.

SEO services have never been cheaper

Your desperate competitors don't have to look far for negative SEO services. Thanks to mass link building software like Xrumer, it has never been cheaper to buy negative SEO services. In fact, there are many services on places like Fiverr and SEOClerks that can be used for negative SEO. Considering this threat, you should check backlinks regularly-at least twice a week-to see if there are suspicious backlink patterns.

Competitor sabotage takes place when you least expect it

According to Murphy's Law, the worst things happen when you least expect it. You might have spent a lot of money on your site and are just getting ready to ramp up and promote your online brand and then-BAM!-negative SEO puts your rankings into a tailspin. Don't be vulnerable. Don't assume things will continue to be great. Proactively check backlinks and never assume that your rankings will continue to improve.


It is very hard to shake off destructive SEO

The worse impact of negative SEO is that it takes weeks, months, or even years to get out of an SEO penalty hole. If you don't believe me, just check out many of the SEO forums on the Internet and you won't have to look far for horror stories of 'permanently' devastated rankings due to negative SEO. Make it a point to check backlinks regularly because an ounce of prevention will definitely spare you from a pound of nasty cure.

If you have ever needed clear reasons to check backlinks, keep the information above in mind. Negative SEO will only be a 'theory' until you get hit by it and you're forced to deal with the hassle of lost income and lost time just to deal with it. Don't learn your lesson the hard way. Act now while there's still time.