Building Quality Backlinks

Given that Google Penguin has gone through several updates since it originally launched a few years back, the very idea of a backlink generator might make you want to chuckle. In fact, if you're a serious SEO knee deep into earning completely white hat backlinks, the very concept of a backlink generator might make you want to laugh out loud. Well, you might want to keep your laugh to yourself because, despite how seemingly changed the SEO landscape may look after Google Penguin, there are still some backlink generator resources that can help you earn links that are worth hanging on to.

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Say good-bye to web 2.0 links

Of course, I am not talking about web 2.0 links. That's not the kind of backlink generator system I am talking about. You remember web 2.0 links, right? You simply fill out a form with the right links and the right keyword targets and out pops a backlink. Well, those links are definitely going to harm you in the post-Penguin Age. I am talking about something different.

Which backlink generator systems work? They have to have all the elements below. Thankfully, there is no shortage of backlink systems you can still use even though Penguin has now gone through several updates. That's how relevant certain backlink generator systems remain.


The first crucial factor in finding a  backlink generator system that works is that it must actually use content. This source might be an article site or a blog. However, unlike the old spammy article directory or article ezine system of the past that accepted mass-spun content, these new generation content-based  backlink generator must only accept original content. This is a massive improvement from previous article and blog guest post systems.

Editorial Control

The next feature you should keep an eye out for when trying to see if a  backlink generator system or resource is legit is whether there is a lot of editorial control. Now, this is a fancy term for how much the site owners take content quality seriously. In other words, are they willing to publish just about anything? If the answer is yes, then that is precisely the kind of site or content publication system you should avoid. If they publish everything, they are sure to publish spammy content with spam links. Not exactly the kind of place you want your link to be found on, right?


Another key element to consider when looking for  backlink generator systems that work in the age of Penguin, is that there must be quite a bit of effort involved. You can't just simply fill out a form for your backlink to appear. Even if the site says there is editorial control, this is not enough. You have to experience some sort of wait or hassle to know that the particular  backlink generator system you are considering is the real deal.

Considering the high stakes involved with Penguin link quality penalties and updates, you have to stop rolling the dice when it comes to your efforts at earning links. You have to generate content only from legitimate and credible sources. Keep the tips above in mind. They can save you lots of heartache because they can help you avoid backlinks sources that might get your site penalized.


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