Good Backlinks VS Bad Backlinks

Make no mistake about it, the SEO niche is quite a hot niche when it comes to online publishing income. Since most website publishers and owners are worried about getting more search engine traffic, it is natural for the SEO niche to get a lot of attention. Every single day, online entrepreneurs from all over the world read tons of forums and blogs to get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest SEO techniques.

The income potential from the SEO niche is huge. We're not just talking about SEO books, SEO services, or even SEO 'coaching' from self-proclaimed 'gurus.' We're also talking about search engine agencies and traffic generation deals that can cost several thousand dollars every single month. Indeed, by some estimates, the whole search engine traffic optimization industry is easily worth several hundred million dollars globally. That's how big the SEO niche.

The SEO Niche

Within the SEO niche, of course, is the subniche focused on getting backlinks. As you probably already know, SEO is composed of three parts-on-page SEO, off page SEO, and social signals. Building backlinks is a crucial part of off page SEO. Since Google counts the backlinks a website gets as 'votes' regarding its credibility and authority regarding a particular niche. If a site gets enough backlinks and gets backlinks from quality or authoritative sites, Google tends to rank that site higher for keywords the website targets. To make a long story short-backlinks are a big deal for SEO.

Not surprisingly, many backlink resources have popped up like mushrooms after a long hard summer rain. They are all, of course, getting a chunk of some of that lucrative SEO niche traffic. There are tons of people the world over looking to understand how SEO works and how to do SEO right so they can get more traffic. Not surprisingly, there too many fake or weak backlink resources compared to legit resources.

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Index Those Backlinks!


Sadly, if you spend time reading sites or blogs that 'fake it until they make it' you are just wasting your time. Whatever advice you get will not do you much good since Google has updated so much that backlink tricks that worked several years back won't work today. In fact, not only do old tricks no longer work, they can also get you penalized. So you don't get penalized following outdated backlink generation advice, here are some tips that help you tell fake backlink resources from real resources.

Legit backlink resources focus on quality content

The new rule of SEO is that you don't create or build links. Instead, you earn them. The best way to do that is through great content that tells the world how well you know your stuff. Beware of backlink resources that focus on filling out a form to get backlinks. These are worthless.

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Credible backlink resources focus on relationship building

Since authoritative content isn't just automatically going to get you backlinks if people haven't heard of your stuff, you need to reach out to experts in your field. Real SEO backlink building guides give you useful tips on how to reach out to niche authorities and credible influential bloggers in your niche.

Real backlink resources don't overlook the power of social media

Although it is true that 'social signals' don't really do your rankings much good, the more social signals your content has, the higher the likelihood it will get in front of credible and authoritative eyeballs in your niche. This is the real value of social media-it is an outreach tool to build link credibility and increase the number of credible bloggers possibly linking to your content.

Make no mistake about it, backlink resources are not created equal. Use the tips above to get a good idea of which to follow and which to ignore. There are too many fakes and frauds out there with outdated or flat out wrong information that can kill your online business' traffic. Be very careful, don’t buy cheap spammy backlinks, you will not receive any long term benefit and Google may end up punishing you!