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Ever notice that Google sounds like a broken record in all its official web quality and SEO guidance videos and blog posts? We are treated to the same tired and familiar list of black hat 'bad practices.' Google says web publishers shouldn't cloak their sites, make doorway pages, among a long list of shady SEO practices. But if there is one 'shady' practice that really gets Google's goat it would have to be buying backlinks. It seems that Google has it in for this particular practice-just based on how much it repeats itself, primarily through its head of web spam, Matt Cutts, on this issue. Google keeps saying that buying backlinks will get you banned, blah blah blah.

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Why does Google fear web publishers buying backlinks?


Have you ever wondered by Google keeps repeating its mantra against the evils of buying backlinks? Ever notice the almost desperate tone in its public pronouncements against this particular SEO practice? Does it all seem, well, a bit, tired and desperate?  The reason why Google hates it when people buy links is because buying backlinks still works.


All those updates and Google is still vulnerable


The unavoidable truth about Google's ranking algorithm is that regardless of how many animal updates (Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, etc), Google rolls out, web publishers and online entrepreneurs can still manage to rank high if they buy the right backlinks. That fact is not going away anytime soon. Google knows this. The fact that is seems to be waging war, at least publicly, against people and networks buying and selling backlinks just reveals how weak its hand really is.


The truth about buying backlinks for better rankings: Google can't do anything about it


While it is true that Google can penalize you, collapse your rankings, or even kick you out of its index, the truth is still the same-buying backlinks can boost your rankings. This is one fact that Google hates. Why? Google is still stuck with using backlinks as the primary ranking signal for its system. In fact, Matt Cutts has a video where he explained that Google tried non-backlink ranking signals. The results were horrible. And this is why Google is stuck with using backlinks as ranking signals.

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Backlinks form Google's technical Achilles heel


Since backlink signals can easily be gamed by simply buying backlinks, it is understandable why Google is so concerned that it keeps 'reminding' online promoters and website operators that it won't tolerate the selling and buying of links. That's the only thing Google can do and, besides catching really sloppy link buyers, a large chunk of search results are still manipulated through bought links.


Don't get penalized by Google


While it is true that Google really can't do much about the buying and selling of links for search ranking boosts, this shouldn't give you a false sense of security. If you want bought links to truly benefit you, you have to be very careful how you buy them. Keep the following simple rules in mind.


Don't buy from a known link seller

Buy links only on sites that are closely related to the niche of your site

Don't buy links from a seller that publishes the domains of the sources of the links you're buying

Only buy content-based links. These are links embedded in content.

Your bought links must look natural in terms of timing, volume, and anchor text.


Keep the discussions above when buying links. This form of SEO will continue to be powerful for a very long time regardless of how much Google cries and threatens online. You just have to be smart about buying links or else you might become yet another victim of Google's many link building crackdowns.